Our Custom Websites come with a Complete Admin Interface for your own Personal Management

An admin interface that is simple and effective

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When preparing the foundation of our custom websites, we integrate a complete admin interface that allows you to manage every aspect of the website. This key component is very important because it allows you as the website owner to add additional pages, make blog posts, update existing features, and so much more. You can be your own webmaster if you choose to be! It’s very simple and easy to navigate and it allows you to change almost any component of the website you want to.

Possibility to contribute to your website, save money, and self-educate
We believe this feature sets us apart from our competition and provides something you won’t get somewhere else. Why should you pay more money for a website with less features and no administrative access? Most companies even charge a monthly maintenance fee just to do simple things like update your pages or add new ones. You shouldn’t have to pay for these type of changes, and with our admin interface, you will never have to. It allows you learn, grow, and build onto your website all on your own. There are other admin interfaces out there, but we know we have the best. It’s open source, it’s used by more websites than anything else, it has millions of webmasters supporting it and improving upon it, and our clients love it. Ultimately, it’s the best way to build a website, and we know you will love it too.

Having unique content on your website is important when it comes to ranking on search engines, so adding your own posts is a great way to start a blog and gain search engine benefits at the same time. We can provide resources that will teach you how to make a post, how to edit old ones, how to make pages, and everything else. We plan to fully integrate a learning center into our website so that clients can watch videos and see hands on interaction with the admin system.

Of course, you don’t have to use it!
If you’re not the technically savvy type and an admin interface sounds too over the top, you don’t ever have to change anything, so do not worry at all if you’d rather us do it. We’ll never ask you to do anything on your own; it’s only provided for you if you want to use it. We understand that everyone has different skill levels and some of us are more accustomed to computers than others. If you need anything changed and you’re feeling hesitant about doing it yourself, just give us call!