How we find optimal keywords for SEM campaigns

Search Engine Marketing requires keyword research in an entirely different way than other types of marketing. The main focus in SEM is on the cost per click that you will pay for the keyword, the commercial intent of the keyword, and the number of searches it receives per month. With SEM, you pay for each click your ad receives, and the cost per click is how much you are going to pay when it gets clicked on. Commercial intent is the estimated sales potential of the keyword. If the keyword has a high commercial intent, that means people are usually looking to buy something when they search it.

Usually, when the commercial intent of a keyword is high, and the volume of searches is high, the cost you pay per click will also be high. That’s because other marketing companies are already investing in that keyword, and they know the value of it. You can find prime keywords for SEM when you research into lower volume keywords, and find markets that other companies have overlooked. We do lots of digging around in keywords for every SEM campaign we start. We have to juggle out keywords with a high commercial intent but too much search volume, too little search volume, and too high of a cost.

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